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Birthday Wish (AND NEWS)

So I’m turning 20 on the 12th. And my birthday wish is for a “Happy Birthday” from all the Achievement Hunters…That would just be amazing. 

In other gaming news, I’ve become obsessed with Skyrim (I know a little late but it happens) and I just finished the main quests of Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC. And I’m still somehow at 48/75 achievements. Gotta tons of work to do, non-existent followers of me. 

Dear Gaming Gods, help me. 

Hey I’m back again…with a Poem

Hey so…here’s the thing: This is not autobiographical. Just a clarification because I had my friend edit this and they thought it was about me. It’s not. So don’t freak out, those brave few of you who will read this. 

The title is still pending. Let me know if anybody has a better one. 

Title (as of now) is:  Eyes 

Here she stands

Nineteen and yet beyond her years

"Tell us your story" 

Her story is unraveling 

Before these eyes

All she wanted was love

Cast aside instead

The pain and rejection, fresh as a breeze

Tilting her face from view

Hide those eyes

"Space" she said

A wide expanse of emptiness, she meant

The color of her world blinded

Monotone and monochrome

In those eyes

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