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Motaku 2014

Well it sure has been awhile, hasn’t it non-existent followers of me?!?

Guess who just got back from Motaku? This girl!

I had a lot of fun and bought a lot of kickass merch. I posted a picture of the cool commission that Studio Tip Top did for me (It’s my precious…)
And I got a cool Ashley ME3 figure, a Sasha AoT sticker, a MGS Snake sticker, a Navi keychain, and the list goes on.

I also got an autograph from Jessica Calvello, otherwise known as Excel Excel from “Excel Saga.” Jessica was absolutely a joy to meet and I’m still in shock about it…someone pinch me. Except do though, I think I dreamt this whole weekend…

Oh well. Back to the ol’ grind.

Gamejunkie out.

Birthday Wish (AND NEWS)

So I’m turning 20 on the 12th. And my birthday wish is for a “Happy Birthday” from all the Achievement Hunters…That would just be amazing. 

In other gaming news, I’ve become obsessed with Skyrim (I know a little late but it happens) and I just finished the main quests of Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC. And I’m still somehow at 48/75 achievements. Gotta tons of work to do, non-existent followers of me. 

Dear Gaming Gods, help me. 

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